Salt Lake Bride & Groom

I'm. Still. Alive! This is the first time I've had access to these photos so even though I'm not still churning out cakes, I thought I'd document it for posterity. I've always thought paper quilling is pretty amazing and makes for a snazzy cake. This piece of work was created for Salt Lake Bride & Groom's Summer/Fall 2011 Issue. Image by Barrett Doran.


Drew and Lynette's Anniversary Party

Let me paint a picture for you: two of my dear friends, Drew and Lynette, celebrating their anniversary, croquet, homemade grape juice, a gorgeous dining table in an orchard. Add flowers from another friend (anytime I hear Sarah's involved I sign up immediately...ballet shoot?), the most delicious food made by Lynette and co (she also made her dress), and to top it off I got to bring my buddy! That was a lot of commas. 

(In infomercial star Billy Mays' voice) And that's not all! I created one of my favorite cakes of all time. All captured on film by Leo. Jealous? Don't be. Enjoy.

That's my buddy!

Event planned by: Audrey Moore
Photos by: Leo Patrone
Flowers by: Honey of a Thousand Flowers
Cake by: Pink Peach Cakes


Angela and Tyler's Travel Wedding

The delivery of cakes for this wedding involved a gondola ride...A GONDOLA RIDE! Once while snowboarding with pals, I through the lap bar up on a ski lift to get off and it smacked my friend in the face. She bled and I lept to a snowbank. Having 2 wedding cakes involved, maybe my teeth were clenched and my brow furrowed for the entire 8 minute ride up the swaying cable car. High-fives were in order upon successful delivery. The great news is the couple was adorable and the wedding likewise. The pair had a long distance relationship that involved a lot of Delta flights so a chocolate Delta cake was on the menu and paper planes, maps, and other travel paraphernalia were in tow. If you're in the market for a Utah wedding planner, may I recommend the sweet Cierra of Simply Stunning Events

One more question: Isn't Utah lovely? Yes, it is.

Hair & Make-Up: Stephanie Brinkerhoff
Venue: The Canyons
Flowers: SAS Floral 
Photography: Zuma Photo - Mitch and Logan


Chelsea and Thomas's Ruffley Cake

Chelsea was such a delight to make a cake for. And yet, to this day, I've never met her in person! We did all of our planning and communicating online down to returning the cake stand. That is not totally uncommon, but my "apprentice" delivered her cake which is when I usually put a pretty face with the email address. Anywho, I know I like Chelsea's taste and ease and gracefulness based on this wedding and specifically the cake. So I know I'd like her, too.

Lovely images courtesy of Amber of Frosted Productions.


Rustic Travel Wedding Shoot

Wow, it's been a while! Between my busiest month of Pink Peach history and a major family move, I haven't had the chance to share some of the glorious weddings I've been a-witness-ing.

I collaborated with Kimberly of Chic Design Studios to deliver this rustic-travel shoot. I had really been wanting to do this exact cake and was looking for the right opportunity to make it. Kelly green is so very underrated in my opinion. To see more images from this impressive shoot, visit Rustic Wedding Chic.

AND! Look for a special package price on this exact "Rosette Cake" on my website.

Photography - Ceniza Studios 
Florals & Staging - Chic Design Studios 
Stationary - Polka Dots & Daisies
Table & Chairs - Alpine Event Rentals 
Cupcakes - So Cupcake 


Summer Wedding Shoot

I never thought red, white, and blue made for a sharp-tastic wedding. I guess I've never seen it done, but that's what Utah Bride Blog did with the summer edition of thier seasonal shoot. Now a lakeside wedding, I've always thought that was idyllic. Now that I'm a mom I think it's idyllic/nerves-on-edge. Still so pretty though. We had a beautiful pool at our wedding with floating candles, and I'm sure my siblings and siblings-in-the-law were thinking, "could you also have a life guard on duty?"

Back on topic. I love so many things about this shoot. Mini-pies? Check. Awesome nautical jewelry? Check. Flowers I could eat? Fun, bold stationary? Dotted Swiss dress? A handful of Pink Peach Cakes? Check, check, check!

Cake Artistry: Pink Peach Cakes
Floral Artistry: Studio Stems
Photography: Kate Osborne
Chair caps/napkins: Wildflower Linens
Paper artistry: Pink Piggy Design
Table/Chair rentals: Alpine Event Rentals
Groom Suit: Becket & Robb
Bridal/Maids fashion: Lily & Iris
Jewelry: Christina Forrest Stella & Dot
Drinks/Catering: Culinary Crafts
Dinnerware: Macy’s
Makeup & Hair: Team Enizio: Cynthia Dean . Morgan Clark . Stephanie Bybee
Custom hair pieces: Cozette Couture


Beckham's Nautical Pirate Party

My pal Megan, of Pink Piggy Design had a crazy cute partay, for her crazy cute Beckham. With the help of Mara of Events by LMG  party goers were immersed in this goodness! Lovely images by Aub Photography.

 Megan designs custom stationary for weddings and parties, including these beauts and the train tickets from Buddy's party.

A cake with a pirate ship, pirate and anchor cupcakes, and cupcakes with a mile and a half of frosting were my contributions to the event. I get a sugar high just looking at it.

Photography: AubPhotography
Event Planning & Design: Events by LMG
Invitations & Paper Goods: Pink Piggy
Cupcakes & Cake: Pink Peach Cakes


Heather and Jeremiah's Lace Cake

Heather knew she wasn't feeling flowers on her cake. But she did like the idea of birds. When I showed the couple the iconic lace cake by Cake Girls of Chicago, they were sold (sans flowers).  I loved their finished cake as much as I loved working with them...totally trusting and enthusiastic.


Blake's Transportation Party

My friend Lindy from like a decade ago--we graduated from high school almost a decade ago...yikes/yippee--celebrated her Blakey's birthday with a block party where sweet munchkins took to the streets on wheels. At her request I mimicked a Hello Naomi car cake for the hoopla.
I wish I could say I made those gorgeous cupcakes. I wish more that I had one in my mouth right now and another in my hand to put in my mouth. Vanilla on vanilla...my favorite. So there you have it, the recipe for a happy boy: friends, wheels, and treats.


Happy Birthday

Today happens to be my brother's birthday, but this is also a shout out to you all for checking in. Wedding season has destroyed my free time and I've missed blogging (and yet, here I am posting a personal cake, not a client's and while I'm on the subject, could anyone else eat white on white cake for every meal forever?) but I have a lot of cakes to share. So happy birthday and see you soon.