Summer Wedding Shoot

I never thought red, white, and blue made for a sharp-tastic wedding. I guess I've never seen it done, but that's what Utah Bride Blog did with the summer edition of thier seasonal shoot. Now a lakeside wedding, I've always thought that was idyllic. Now that I'm a mom I think it's idyllic/nerves-on-edge. Still so pretty though. We had a beautiful pool at our wedding with floating candles, and I'm sure my siblings and siblings-in-the-law were thinking, "could you also have a life guard on duty?"

Back on topic. I love so many things about this shoot. Mini-pies? Check. Awesome nautical jewelry? Check. Flowers I could eat? Fun, bold stationary? Dotted Swiss dress? A handful of Pink Peach Cakes? Check, check, check!

Cake Artistry: Pink Peach Cakes
Floral Artistry: Studio Stems
Photography: Kate Osborne
Chair caps/napkins: Wildflower Linens
Paper artistry: Pink Piggy Design
Table/Chair rentals: Alpine Event Rentals
Groom Suit: Becket & Robb
Bridal/Maids fashion: Lily & Iris
Jewelry: Christina Forrest Stella & Dot
Drinks/Catering: Culinary Crafts
Dinnerware: Macy’s
Makeup & Hair: Team Enizio: Cynthia Dean . Morgan Clark . Stephanie Bybee
Custom hair pieces: Cozette Couture


  1. Very well done. It would be hard to tastefully decorate cakes with red white and blue and you definitely pulled it off. I love the red striped flowers. I love the bride's dress and necklace too.

  2. Love this! I love the barn and invitation so much I included it in my inspiration post for Memorial Day. I hope you enjoy my post as much as I have enjoyed yours.
    xo Christina