Kjell's Train Cake and Party

When you make your children have "Black & White" and "French" themed parties before they have any say-so, and when they're old enough to care they stick diligently to "train party" for months before their 3rd birthday despite your strong nudges toward "Volcano Party", I'd say you had it coming.

Does anyone not love ice-cream cake? I decided to make one for this event and since an ice-cream cake can't sit out for an hour whilst it's decorated, I knew it was time to pull out my candle-making skills from my college job in the basement of a lovely South African family with three of my best friends in our swimsuits. But I digress.

Candy trains, cardboard trains, and conductor hats were all super inexpensive elements of the party (more to come on the possibilities of cardboard).

I liked the idea of having the kids bring the tickets they received in the mail and My Buddy thoroughly enjoyed punching and stamping them. These beauties were created by Pink Piggy Design. Megan, I loved how they turned out!
last 2 images by yan photo


  1. I love the creativity displayed in the cake, candles, and train. It looks like the little ones loved it too.

  2. You turned an ordinary theme into something extraordinary. Can I get a toot, toot!

  3. I love it. And I would like to eat some of that cake.

  4. I also like the profile of your smile in the last picture.