Josh and Sage's Black & White Wedding Cake

Sage and Josh. To quote K-Ci and Jo Jo, "close to me you're like my sister, close to me you're like my brutha." Hmm, I gotta pull that jam out again.  But I have known Sage since she was a wee child. Want to know the best part of this cake?
I wish it were my idea. I also wish I had some pictures from the wedding, cause she cute.


  1. yes, but do you have the cd? cause I do. Wish I could see some wedding pictures of Sage!

  2. I forgot the part about how cool the cake is! I love those flowers.

  3. Hi Darci!

    I posted your French Cafe party on my blog today (with approval from Heather Mildenstein Photography). It is absolutely darling! You are one talented lady. If you have parties in the future, I would love for you to send them my way!