Drew and Lynette's Anniversary Party

Let me paint a picture for you: two of my dear friends, Drew and Lynette, celebrating their anniversary, croquet, homemade grape juice, a gorgeous dining table in an orchard. Add flowers from another friend (anytime I hear Sarah's involved I sign up immediately...ballet shoot?), the most delicious food made by Lynette and co (she also made her dress), and to top it off I got to bring my buddy! That was a lot of commas. 

(In infomercial star Billy Mays' voice) And that's not all! I created one of my favorite cakes of all time. All captured on film by Leo. Jealous? Don't be. Enjoy.

That's my buddy!

Event planned by: Audrey Moore
Photos by: Leo Patrone
Flowers by: Honey of a Thousand Flowers
Cake by: Pink Peach Cakes


  1. I sign up quickly when you are in the line-up too. I'll do anything I can to drape something viney across one of your cakes and sniff the frosting in the process.

  2. yep amazing. all of it.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous cake!

  4. Darcie, that was a gorgeous cake. I tried to see who made it and try to let you see it then lo! It's your creation. So beautiful, Darcie. You do really creative work. If you had the right set up you can do amazing business.

  5. Looks like a gorgeous party! The cake looks amazing!

  6. Such a darling, intimate setting! And your cake is just stunning!

  7. Image of this Cake is so amazing. I think every one want to taste it. Are you make this type of cakes for Marriage ? Or make Wedding cakes are of different types ?