Angela and Tyler's Travel Wedding

The delivery of cakes for this wedding involved a gondola ride...A GONDOLA RIDE! Once while snowboarding with pals, I through the lap bar up on a ski lift to get off and it smacked my friend in the face. She bled and I lept to a snowbank. Having 2 wedding cakes involved, maybe my teeth were clenched and my brow furrowed for the entire 8 minute ride up the swaying cable car. High-fives were in order upon successful delivery. The great news is the couple was adorable and the wedding likewise. The pair had a long distance relationship that involved a lot of Delta flights so a chocolate Delta cake was on the menu and paper planes, maps, and other travel paraphernalia were in tow. If you're in the market for a Utah wedding planner, may I recommend the sweet Cierra of Simply Stunning Events

One more question: Isn't Utah lovely? Yes, it is.

Hair & Make-Up: Stephanie Brinkerhoff
Venue: The Canyons
Flowers: SAS Floral 
Photography: Zuma Photo - Mitch and Logan

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