Spring Bijou Market 2011

Friends, if you missed the Bijou Market, you truly missed out! Not to worry, the next one is only 6 months away.

A. The vendors are amazing. I always come away with several Anne Made Jams (this time I discovered Banana Brulee..say what?!) and a few other trinkets (at least). B. The founders are so nice. C. I like to give away mini cuppies. But this time around (D) Yan photography was taking free portraits and candids of shoppers and their little people. I stole these from her blog.

 My cake display left and our friend Sarah's of Ea flowers right (of the ballet shoot fame)

 Some pretty founders

Visit the Yan blog to see her beautiful images and what the fuss is all about.

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  1. Glad I could model your mini cupcake--it was delicious!!