Recipe: Pumpkin Pie

         Image via Food Network
Is your Thanksgiving repertoire full? I've been ready for something to step up the blah dee dah pumpkin pie and I think the answer has come. This is Michele Albano's award winning pie that went toe-to-toe with Bobby Flay's on Throwdown. (sidenote: Do you hit the Food Network as soon as the day's events are over? It's so relaxing, but I always end up starving).  It has pecan streusel and maple whipped cream. Homegirl makes her own pumpkin filling which I will not be doing. Hand me the can opener. Want to try it with me? If it's a winner, it's going in the family Thanksgiving canon.

Here's the recipe.

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  1. How'd it go? I made this:

    And then a chocolate cream, which I didn't like too much, two apples for which Ty and our friend Logan helped a ton, and then our friend Alyssa brought a pecan and Logan brought a cherry. We have no room in our fridge. I may have stored our turkey in the car because it was below freezing...