Bijou Market

Friends, I'm busily baking because Pink Peach Cakes will be serving free cake at this weekend's Bijou Market. You will love the venue. And oh the treasures you'll find. I'm genuinely impressed with the vendors. Where do these people come from? Christmas shopping. Done. Also, you'll meet the one-and-only Bayley (after school lets out of course) who will be feeding shoppers in my stead (I'm headed to Boise). Meeting Bayley alone is reason enough. See you there! I won't, but the expression was necessary.

November 19th: 10 am to 8 pm
November 20th: 9 am to 6 pm

Historic Southworth Hall
116 West Center Street Provo, UT 84606


  1. oh sad, i was thinking i might see you this weekend. have fun in boise!

    excited to try your famous cakes :)

  2. What?! I didn't see Bayley...how did I miss her? bummer. Oh well, at least I got my A-MAZING cake!