Shall we blog? We shall. Or at least I shall. So folks, we all know why you're here. You've come to see the monkey dance. And dance I shall. You know, if you say "shall" enough, it starts to sound really weird.

Back on topic. If you don't know me personally, let me just fill you in. I'm a mother of 2. Utah girl married to Mr. California (not in a pageant sort of way; in the I-love-where-I'm-from sort of way). We're those annoying friends that you don't want to see a movie with because afterwards when you ask, "Did you like it," instead of saying, "Most definitely," we'll start in on our newest novel entitled What I Did and Didn't Appreciate About the Movie. Here's the good news: we'll make it up to you when you come over for dinner and there is always dessert.

Speaking of dessert, I'll be posting pictures of my cakes, my experiments, my good finds, and a little of my life. Brace yourself.


  1. I'm excited! The cakes look so beautiful. Little Gus asked me if I would make him a cake like one of these and was really sad when I told him I was skill-less in this area.

  2. cute post d. i love reading your words and feeling like you're talking. miss you lots and lots!

  3. oh my Gosh, I am in LOVE with your cakes. i want two, one to eat, & one to display as art!

  4. did i mention that you are great? i know all this is coming off as creepy and guess what- dont care. love your CAKES!!!! so crazy- how do you do it? and your writing style is tops. just great.