Chelsea and Ben

How bout a recent wedding? Chelsea was the dream bride to work with. I knew she and her family would throw an incredible bash, and I wasn't disappointed. See more images from her wedding at her sister Heather's must read blog, the Coterie (like you haven't heard of it). Can I also just interject that it took all the discipline I had to go back to packing boxes (we moved) when I could have shamelessly spent the night loitering by the Sammy's truck? 

We decided on a "petal" cake inspired by another Pink Peach cake my bro referred to as "the coy fish cake." Can I emphasize that while fish are delicious, the last thing I want to compare my cakes to is a fish? Petals, not scales. AN-Y-WAY. Chelsea also picked up some cute toppers from etsy. So glad I somehow got to be a part of this heavy-hitter wedding.

Also, the bride's unbelievably nice brother took it upon himself to protect the cake from some threatening decorations. I was very appreciative that I had a cake guardian there. Not like his baby sister's fairytale day was on the line or anything.

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