A Few Recent Cakes

Rainbow rosette cake for a quinceanera with the theme "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." 

This cake was for a stunning redhead and her vintage wedding. I have to throw in redhead because I'm married to one and might be obsessed with them. This image is from Amy Dixon Photography.

Dr. Seuss baby shower! Such a fun cake to make.


  1. Can I be you when I grow up? Have I already asked this? It's just been on my mind. :) You are amazing!

  2. Three goodies.
    The Dr. Suess cake is adorable, quirky, fun! And the Russian cake was simply, elegantly, gorgeous.

    Have I used the word stunning repeatedly about your cakes? Because some literally are. They are all inventive, creative, lovely, and say, "Darcie". The originals are the real deal, notwithstanding any efforts of others to borrow your unique style and inspiration. :)

  3. YOU ROCK MY CAKE WORLD. and world in general.

    sometimes I've been known the saunter down center street. yesterday being no exception! tell your sis I want to meet her and she is a DOLL!