Jane's Signature Cake

 Funny story...Jane emails me to order cakes for some upcoming birthdays including her own. Days later, Dusty calls me to order a cake for his wife's birthday. He wants it for the same day Jane wants hers. Turns out Dusty is Jane's husband.  This resulted in the following:

Dusty asking me to tell Jane I can't since he wants it to be a surprise.
Me telling Jane I can't make her cake. Embarrassing. But worth it in the end.
Dusty suggesting an Albertson's cake to Jane.
Me making a replica of the Pink Peach Signature Cake.
Me sneaking past her dinner table at Cedars of Lebanon (and incidentally a belly dancer) with the cake in hand.
Jane having the best birthday surprise of her life!!! Ok, maybe just an awesome surprise.

  Images from Jane Rhodes
It was sneaky good fun being in on this. And caking good fun making the Signature Cake. It's a favorite to do. Also, props to Dusty for knowing what that wife of his. I'm channeling my birthday wishes to Mr. Cali telepathically now.


  1. I'm just sitting here on a Friday night clicking around blog land and I end up here! What a delightful blog. I'm going to stay up way too late tonight scrolling through your archives! Your cakes are gorgeous!

  2. Um, that is the cutest story ever. Three cheers for good hubbys and the Pink Peach signature cake! xoxo

  3. ~ seriously, the BEST surprise EVER! omgosh, there are so many more details that make this story funny. But, the end result: a very happy woman because of her pink peach cake!