The Christmas Spirit-Bloggers Give Back

I tried to get Mr C to buy a tree before we went to California Dreamland for Thanksgiving but after what felt like Christmas had come and gone, we finally got it all unpacked. I have to hand it to him though, he lets me have pink decorations.

This year I wanted to add a few new pieces to jazz up the house. We bought this monstrous nutcracker wanting to paint him white from top to bottom but after a little boy I live with got instantly attached, I knew whiting out Nutty's face would upset him. So he lives to see another day.

But what's really got me in the Christmas Spirit is a few special causes, including a rallying of Bloggers called Bloggers Give Back. Tons of awesome stuff will be auctioned off (including a cakey by me) and 100% goes to a special family in need, so you can help out, too. If there's an item you want to bid on, or if you just want to donate that's cool. Bidding starts December 15th, so check it.

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  1. Your house looks so festive and I like your little friend with the Nutcracker.