I love flying kites. I love flying kites on the beach even more...but that's another post (it's not really).  Seeing a kite in the sky and holding the other end of the string is a magical feeling! I'm wiping away magical tears right now. We live near and dear to a windy park and it seems like any day of the week we could get our fly on.

an innocent bystander in magical awe

Maybe you've seen some of the kitey celebrations circulating Blogland, but here are two of my faves.
what tops homemade kites?

Tracy Lau

 Ashley Rose via Green Wedding Shoes


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm dying because I just put it together that these great cakes I've been seeing are YOU! Look at you! I have a baby, you start a successful cake business! Don't you even want to see my baby...she wants to see you!

    I LOVE YOUR CAKES!!! And you.

  2. I love this litle cake. Of course I love the boy flier, the man flier, the enraptured gazer, and you. And the kite.