Noah's Nautical Party

Ok, so the party wasn't inspired by the sweater below, but it was one of the adorable details worn by the hostess (who is also a photographer and took the pictures here). Cutie-pants Noah had a nautical 1st birthday party. I'll post more pics of the party if I can get some. Darling details, friends. His mom's idea for the cake and cupcakes were to include the cutest little sailboats. I did my best to outdo the birthday boy but nothing is cuter than he. Happy birthday Noah! If your first year is any indication of how happy you'll be in life, you've got it made, my man. 


  1. seriously amazing darcie! i keep thinking about your cakes i saw in the studio - you've got talent!
    i love the details on this cake...the little flag banner is so darling.

  2. yes, i love very much. i'll never be over nautical, its like the color mustard. looks like the party was a hit.